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Medicare Advantage Plans – How do they work?

Healthcare is a very hot topic these days, and having sufficient coverage for whatever medical need that may arise is what everybody wants. There are certain medical expenses that may not be covered under Part A and Part B of Medicare that you would want to include in your healthcare plan. Medicare Advantage Plans provide the solution that you are looking for. Medicare Advantage Plans are health care plans that are provided by private health insurance companies that are designed to give you the medical benefits included in Medicare Part A and Part B plus additional coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans are also often referred to as Medicare Part C. Even if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can still enjoy the benefits of Parts A and B of Medicare. Medicare will pay the private company providing you with the Advantage Plan a fixed amount each month for your coverage. These companies must follow the rules set by Medicare but can charge for extra services that you opt for.

What does it cover?

A Medicare Advantage Plan covers the hospital insurance provided by Part A as well as medical insurance covered in the Part B of  Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans also cover any emergency or urgent care, but unfortunately does not include hospice care.

Medicare Advantage Plans will benefit those who would like additional coverage included in their health insurance such as general check-ups, vision and hearing tests, dental check-ups, as well as other wellness programs which aren’t included in the government Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans are managed care plans which provide health care through a health maintenance organization (HMO) or through a preferred provider organization (PPO). Unlike the original Medicare, they can change the rules of how you obtain your services and may require you to choose a primary care physician. In some plans you also might be required to get referrals from that doctor to get other medical services included in your health coverage.

How can you apply for one?

Medicare Advantage requires that you already have Medicare Part A and Part B to join the program.

Information on Medicare Advantage Plans is available through their website as well as state specific sites, like this one covering Florida Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicate Advantage Plan also hold regular seminars in different localities and they offer on-site application during these events.

If you are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can easily join another program. This action will cancel your enrolment with the previous program without any lapse in your coverage. Medicare has certain conditions when switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan, so make sure to check with Medicare before deciding to switch.